Nobel laureate Matvichuk calls on South Africa for clear position on Putin’s arrest warrant


Human rights lawyer and Nobel laureate Oleksandra Matvichuk said: Asked South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on July 10 took a clear stance on the arrest warrant for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

“The BRICS summit will be held in South Africa in August. There is intense debate at the national as well as international level about whether the country’s leadership will execute an arrest warrant if the Russian president dares to come.” said the Chief. The Center for Civil Liberties wrote on social media:

International Criminal Court (ICC) issued On March 17, an arrest warrant was issued against President Putin over the mass deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia. This obliged all signatories of the Rome Statute, including South Africa, to bind the Russian dictator if possible.

This created a dilemma for Ramaphosa, who has built close ties with Moscow, about how to deal with Putin’s Pretoria Touted Granted diplomatic immunity to all summit attendees, reportedly even tried to grant diplomatic immunity to all summit attendees deter The Russian leader stopped coming in person.

On July 9, the South African president said the summit would be “physical,” without saying if Putin would attend, Agence France-Presse said. report.

Matoviczuk said Ramaphosa was likely to be “uncomfortable” with the ICC ruling in the interest of peace in Africa. delegation In June, he proposed to Kiev and Moscow, including the South African president, to withhold arrest warrants as part of a peace plan.

Civil society leaders say their South African partners have put up banners calling for Putin’s arrest, and more locals have offered their help.

“Because even when you cannot resort to legal means, you can rely on people anyway. No. First and foremost, we are human,” Matoviczuk said.

South African president presents 10-step peace plan in Kiev

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